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Please find a list of items we make fresh everyday below

Gelato & Ice Cream

Choose your favourite Homemade Gelato or Kawartha Ice Cream flavours


and make your own creation!


Kiddie scoop

1 scoop

2 scoop

3 scoop

Take Homes: 350 grams, 1/2 litre, 1 litre

Sugar cone, waffle cone, regular cone or cup

Add your favourite toppings: Nuts, nutella, sprinkles, bubble gum, gummy bears, fruit loops, pretzels, chocolate fudge, caramel syrup, maple syrup, jams, chocolate chips, marshmallow, crushed cookie, crushed o'reo,  Reese's pieces, whipped cream.

Milk Shakes

Select any flavour of Gelato, or Kawartha Ice Cream

Choice up to two sauces and 2 toppings.


Gourmet Hot Chocolate

The Flavour Fox has exclusively created a wide range of 

gourmet hot chocolate made from real chocolate!  

Choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, butterscoth, salted caramel, coffee or one of our other many high quality chocolates.

Fresh  Cookies

Come by and grab some fresh and delicious cookies.

Type varies but they are always fresh and delicious!